Get on with the game

Premier League Clubs have some of the most passionate and committed supporters in the world. The fans are as much a part of the Premier League experience as the players, with innovative songs and banners providing an incredible backdrop for the action on the pitch.

Get On With the Game is all about promoting this positive atmosphere at matches and encouraging everyone involved to improve their behaviour.

Over the past few years the Premier League has had great success in raising standards of behaviour amongst everyone connected with the game. Our aim is to continue this trend and the project has now turned its attention to younger fans with Get On With the Game kids.

There are many examples of admirable and positive behaviour in the game that can give children something to aspire to. Football has a unique power to engage and educate children about their own behaviour and improve social awareness.

Get on with the game kids

Get On With the Game kids has four interactive games while the 'Get On' section links in with the SEAL curriculum with a wealth of resources to help teachers deliver lessons. The aim is to educate and engage children on a range of social and emotional issues, including the importance of referees and other people in authority, both in football and in everyday life.